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FAQs about the RenMoney – Airtel Smartphone Finance Project - SOLO Aspire M

Who can qualify?

Customers on the Airtel network who have been pre-qualified for the bundle. These customers would have received an SMS from Airtel indicating that they have been prequalified for the offer. Customers who successfully complete an application in-store will walk out with the Solo Aspire M bundle package.
Pre-qualified customers from other networks. These customers will have to purchase and register an Airtel SIM in order to successfully complete an application in-store. Customers who successfully complete an application in-store will walk out with the Solo Aspire M bundle package.
Non-prequalified customers from Airtel and other networks. Customers who haven't been prequalified may apply. However, they are not likely to walk out of the store with the bundle package on the same day. Their details will be stored and a RenMoney sales agent will contact them and advise them on how to proceed.

How much is the SOLO M from Airtel
The phone is FREE but you need to make a monthly commitment fee (bundle price) of N4,150 for 12 months with the first month bundle price paid upfront.

What Do I get for the Monthly Commitment?
You get
  • 1GB Data, 60mins Voice (To any network),60 SMS
  • Unlimited Social Bundle(WhatsApp,Twitter, Facebook, BBM)

Where do I buy SOLO Aspire M?
At selected Airtel stores across the country and selected SOLO Partner stores. (See participating stores).

How do I remit the monthly commitment?
By Recharging your Airtel number with N4,150/monthly using the code *486*PIN#.

What happens if I don't meet my monthly commitment?
Your phone will be locked. You will not be able to make calls or use any phone functionality.

How do I unlock my phone?
By recharging your line with N4,150 and this can be done from the lock screen, Please see Pictorial guide below, Tap the Top Up icon, It shows an input page, Enter the recharge card pins, when total recharge is up to N4,150, It shows Installment Received and phone is unlocked.

Lock screen

How do I check my account balance after I recharge?
Dial: *123*486#

What are the requirements to purchase the SOLO Aspire M
  • Valid proof of ID: International passport, drivers' license, permanent voters' card and National ID card. Employee ID card will not be acceptable.
  • Proof of address: Utility bill listing the customer's home address.
  • BVN number: Kindly Dial *565*0# on customers Phone number only if used by the customer to register their BVN number at their bank.

Can I activate a Fresh number on the premise of my Pre-Qualified SIM?
Yes, but the new SIM card must be registered to the Airtel Network: Recharge and make a phone call with it in another phone before putting it the SOLO Aspire M; these help make sure the new sim is active on the Airtel network.

How do I know am qualified for the SOLO Aspire M?
You will receive an SMS from Airtel to notify you are Qualified for the Aspire M, but you can also walk into any of the Selected Stores and confirm if you are qualified for it.

Is there an option to insure my device against loss or theft?
Yes, a cornerstone insurance offer will be available at the point of sale. It attracts a One off Payment of N1,500: This covers your device when stolen/misplaced for 1yr.

Can I make my monthly commitment in advance?
Yes, Kindly Dial *486*RECHARGE PIN#

How long will I make the monthly commitment?
After the 1st month payment at the Store, you will make payment of N4,150/month for the next 11months.

What are the features of the SOLO Aspire M?
It’s a
  • 5 inch Premium Smart phone
  • 1GB Ram and 8GB ROM(Internal Memory)
  • Quad Core MTK6580(MediaTek)
  • 5MP Back Camera, 2MP front Camera
  • 1800mAh Battery
  • Android 5.1 Lollipop Operating System(OS)
  • What if I forget to make my monthly commitment?
    The Phone is locked up and can only be unlocked when you recharge your monthly commitment.

    What if I do not qualify for the SOLO Aspire M?
    Not to worry, An Agent from RenMoney will reach out to you in 72hrs to ask some basic credit questions from you, Once done and you will be notified if eligible to the Aspire M and advice to return to the nearest Partner store.

    Is there warranty for the SOLO Aspire M?
    Yes, there is 12 months Manufacturer's Warranty for the SOLO Aspire M. T&C Apply

    What happens if my SIM is damaged?
    With a damaged SIM, kindly visit the nearest Airtel Showroom and a SIM Swap process will be initiated. Once completed, the new SIM will be provided to you.

    Where do I call when my phone is faulty?
    Kindly call SOLO Phone Service center to get the nearest service center close to you.
    Tel: +234-8138381222,